Agile Product Development

User Persona

Customer Problem Statement

I am: A parent of a 19 year old
I am trying to: Help my child manage finances responsibly
But: They don’t know anything about using a credit card
Because: They’ve never had a credit card before
Which Makes Me Feel: Anxious that they will rack up a huge bill

Company Background Information

Over its 30-year history, Access+ has grown from a single-service financial institution, offering only credit cards, to a full-service bank. Access+ now offers several financial product lines, including credit cards, auto loans, and checking and savings accounts. It offers these financial products to customers in all 50 states, though its physical branches are more heavily concentrated on the East Coast and in southern states and are dominantly found in densely populated cities and suburbs.
Access+ markets itself as a consumer-friendly banking institution. While it makes most of its revenue from credit card interest and small business accounts, it positions itself as an organization that sees its customers as people and puts them first. Its latest advertising campaigns feature the tagline “Banking made human,” to distinguish it from competitors that it suggests are unconcerned with customers as people.

User Story Map

The user story map includes activities, epics, and stories that align with our user’s goal. Although the product will be used by the user’s child as well, this user story map is structured and written mainly from the parent’s perspective. The way our journey flows is, first, our user who is our existing customer would apply for our product, Junior Finance, to have her son onboard with her. Then, she would need to keep track of her son’s financial activities and utilize resources to improve his financial knowledge and stay up-to-date with recent trends. Those three are what we determined to be the most vital activities for our MVP as they are essential in solving her problems and achieving her goals. The three epics chosen are essential for developing the MVP. These are user account, parental control feature, and financial content, all of which are distributed in the upcoming sprints based on their importance.
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Product Vision Board

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Value Proposition Canvas

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Road Map


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